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Chief Restaurant Management Consultant:

Chief Restaurant Management Consultant – Licensed Sake (Japanese Rice Wine) Master (SSI Kikizakeshi, WSET Sake Level3). He is very knowledgeable about the production and preservation processes of Sake, the varieties of taste for different  types of Sake, and the ways of drinking them. He has been going to Tsukiji fish market, the  largest fish market in Asia, for 3 years. This has sharpened his sense and knowledge about  fish treatment, and the best cooking methods for each fish to suit particular seasons. He is an expert in proposing the best combinations of Sake for different seasons. He is also a trained   sushi chef at a Traditional Sushi restaurant. Contact us to open a Japanese restaurant &  Sushi restaurant or Sake import

Food Specialist:

Ms. Keiko

Ms Keiko is a licensed managing dietitian, making her an expert in the areas of food and nutrition. This qualification is very prestigious as it is only given to nutritional specialists from leading universities. As a licensed managing dietician Ms Keiko is qualified to design and develop complex menus for large institutions such as hospitals. Ms Keiko’s knowledge provides her with the capability to create healthy Japanese menus for a diverse mix of clientele.

Ramen Noodle and Food Specialist:

Mr. Ninja

Mr. Ninja has scientifically researched ramen and the key issues that are important to become a popular ramen noodle restaurant.  He has used more than 100 kinds of variety of ramen noodle.

He has also developed ramen noodles  with ingredients that can be eaten not only Japan, but anywhere in the world, by understanding each countries cultural back ground. For example he has  developed a ramen for Muslim people avoiding any pork and Alcohol and so on.

Restaurant Design:

Mr. Shigeo

Mr. Shigeo has worked as a designer for several years. Mostly working for Japanese paintings and so good at making Japanese style of menu book & Japanese restaurant menu design.  He goes  to tools and interior stores

Dr. Yoshi

Dr Yoshi is a Doctor of Mechanical Engineering.  For over 20 years, he worked  as a consultant for small, medium and internationally known large enterprises.  He has a lot of experience as a consultant for leading companies in  the diamond industry, electronics industry and the food industry.  In the food  industry he has worked in the chocolate factory of a well-known international  company. He has trained thousands of employees about maintain food safety  and as well as imparting ideas about management. He is very knowledgeable in   both areas and has deployed his expertise in a number of countries.

Transform your restaurant, factory and company into a successful self-developing organization based on 20 Keys Deploy the stages of the 20 Key program and align it with the business strategy Streamline your organization – align top-down and bottom-up management.

Conduct a KAIZEN of production processes (cost analyses of production). Develop check sheets of 20 Keys and benchmarking. To reduce waste by  «Treasure Map».


To Provide Enthusiastic and Improvised Japanese Experience

Piofront, The Japanese Restaurant Consultant – Best Restaurant Management Consultant in Japan

  • The film, titled Sushi in Suhl, tells the story of Anschütz, who—residing within the local community of Japanese people in their city —had naturally never travelled to Japan and had not even been to a Japanese restaurant. He read all the information and asked, a Japanese people’s community that to check the taste of current menu and got idea to improve from them.
  • To offer Japanese cuisine in a place with such scarce resources and a centrally planned economy must have been a huge challenge, but Anschütz managed to find all kinds of ersatz ingredients from Japan.
  • Later, when his restaurant had established itself—and after the authorities realized that it was an important attraction for foreign visitors. He was able to import more authentic Japanese ingredients  and other tools from Japan. Anschütz constantly strove to refine his cuisine, often with the help and advice of curious Japanese visitors. But in order for his restaurant and its improvised techniques to succeed, it was essential that he provided a holistic Japanese experience for his guests.
Rolf Anschütz in his restaurant.


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Deep understanding of your business
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Chief Restaurant Management Consultant
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