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02 August 2020

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Make Sake In Your Own House - Sake Import

sake import

Sake or Rice Wine is a common Japanese beverage. It is made through a fermentation process similar to that of beer. There are many variations of Sake that differ in specific ingredients and detailed brewing methods. Sake can be served chilled, warm, or at room temperature depending on the season, quality, and drinker.

As a Sake master, We would like to first explain how to make Sake in your own home.

Do you think it is difficult? Do you think you’ll need a large factory?

It’s is extremely easy. All you’ll NEED is a SMALL Plastic container.

What ingredients are used to make Sake
Small amounts can be made, so don’t worry about getting high quantities of ingredients.

1. Small plastic container (1)
2. 2 cups of Steamed White Rice
3. 2 cups of malted rice (Koji)
4. 1 spoon of yeast cells
5. 3 cups of warm water (make sure it is not too hot, Almost same temperature as warm shower water, or lukewarm water.)

Put ingredients found in numbers 2 – 5 into the plastic container.
Then, mix those well.

Put the container in warm place (do not put in the refrigerator).

—–Leave it and wait for around 3~7days——
Sake is automatically produced by the reaction between Koji (malted rice) and the yeast cells.
After 3~7days later the bubbles will be disappear and white liquid will be made. This is “ White sake”
Then use coffee filters and remove white rice pieces. Then you will obtain clear liquid which is “Sake”.

After 3~6 days later, bubbles will be disappear and “White Sake” will be produced. If you prefer clear sake, use coffee filters and remove white peaces small pieces of rice. Then you will be able to obtain Clear liquid which is called “Sake”

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