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Japanese Recipe Making

New Japanese Recipe Proposal

We provide new recipe proposal to your restaurant

New Recipe with Current Ingredients
Piofront helps you to cook new Japanese recipes making use of available ingredients in your restaurant.  Your restaurants can expand their Japanese food menus by trying out a variety of new Japanese dishes without purchasing new types of ingredients.

Professional Japanese style of dishing up
We can Show ways to cook real Japanese food and present the Japanese professional style of dishing up. Your restaurants can expand their ways to dish up Japanese food with our support. We organize and provide tools that fit your restaurant’s concept and specific characteristics of food by selling and leasing. By leasing, you won’t have to invest so much for expensive Japanese plates and tools. This makes starting up a Japanese Restaurant with a low initial capital possible.

Table Tools delivered from Japan
Piofront will sell or lease those Table tools which fits your restaurant’s concept

  • Japanese Table sheet with illustrations
  • Menu Stands
  • Lightning on Table
  • Small Ornaments
Japanese Recipe Making

Piofront – Cycle of General Operation

1. Food Menu Design
We design menu with Japanese atmosphere.
We design menu written in both your native language and its proper Japanese translation.

2. Table Tools Proposal
Deliver the same quality of tools as those used in popular and traditional restaurants in Japan
Deliver both traditional and modern Japanese tools

3. Decoration Support
Selling and leasing restaurant decoration tools and ornaments
Consultation for the proper arrangements of facilities
Interior Design

4. Service Quality Check & Solutions
Analysis of current services process and provide new techniques and solutions
Sake Menu Design
Our Licensed Sake Master chooses proper Sake by season
Instructions for the best ways to drink each type of Sake

5. Japanese Food Recipe Proposal
Show new Japanese recipe making use of available ingredients
Show ways to cook real Japanese food and present the Japanese professional style of dishing up

6. Event Planning
Seasonal and Periodical events
Special Events
The customized Events

7. Providing Japanese Knowledge
Our knowledge of Japanese tradition, Japanese food, and methods of eating to enjoy more taste.

8. Promotion Support with Japanese Tools
We provide promotion tools with Japanese atmosphere