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How to cut and fillet fish (White Trevally)


10 April 2020

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How to cut and fillet fish (White Trevally)

How to cut and fillet fish

The White Trevally (Striped Jack) is a fish commonly found in the Indian, Mediterranean, Atlantic, and Pacific Ocean. The flesh of this fish is great to eat when a little dry. Start off your Japanese meals with this delicious yet simple dish!

Today’s Equation

Eq1    Live Fish = Sashimi

Chef’s Points

  • You can wash the skin and organs with water . Do not wash the meat part (sashimi) with water.
  • You will need some practice to master cutting and filleting fish. However, once you understand the structure of the fish body, you will be able to fillet many kinds of fish. White Trevally is just one of the fishes used for Sashimi. There is a wide variety of fishes that can be used for this dish.

Process of Cutting and Filleting

[1] Wash the fish with water.
[2] Hold the fish down and scrape the scales.
[3] Cut off the head of the fish.
[4] Drive the blade point into the back of the fish head, and continue cutting along the length of the fish on both sides.
[5] Remove the skin from the fish meat.
[6] Cut the fish meat and arrange on a clean plate.

Detailed Cooking Process

How to cut and fillet fish (White Trevally)

How  to enjoy the taste?

Enjoy the Whole Body of Fish

Way to enjoy1:Make Sashimi

Way to enjoy2:Make Crispy Fish Bone Chips

Put flour powder on bones and fins. Then fry the bone and fins for 10~15min.  Put some salt after it is fried and enjoy crispy fish bone chips.

Way to enjoy3:Make Fish-Tasting Miso Soup

Put the fish’s head into a pan with water and boil. Then you can get fish soup.   Put miso into the pan and mix.  Enjoy deep fish-tasting miso soup. *You should wash the head with water and remove some blood. Put the head into a pan filled with water before making the water boil.  Do not boil the water before the fish head is put in.

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