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Beef Carpaccio with Miso Dressing


10 April 2020

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Beef Carpaccio with Miso Dressing

Carpaccio is usually served as an appetizer. It is a warm dish with thinly sliced or pounded pieces of raw or baked meat. Because it is easy to cook and the ingredients can be found in many local groceries, this dish is ideal for any setting and occasion. It can be made in only four simple steps.

Today’s Equation

Miso Dressing

Miso Dressing

Chef’s Points

  • Use Miso Dressing to enhance the flavours of your meat dishes.
  • If you prefer to eat fresh meat, you can cook the meat till it is medium rare.
  • Don’t be afraid to try the Miso Dressing with other types of meat.

Process of Cooking

[1] Bake the meat.
[2] Arrange the baked meat on a clean plate.
[3] Mix the soy sauce and the vinegar. Pour an ample amount on the baked meat.
[4] Put the Miso dressing on top of the meat.

Examples of Ingredients

Meat: chicken, pork, beef, ram
Vegetables (Optional): carrots, cabbage, eggplant, onions

Detailed Cooking Process

Beef Carpaccio

How  to enjoy the taste?

Burn its surface with a burner.
By burning the surface of the meat and the miso dressing, you can enrich the taste of the dish.

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