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  • To present food in a way that fascinates the customers and makes them want to try it
  • Attract the target audience
  • Find a way to encourage your customers to come again



  • It needs to offer more than just the food. A restaurant’s impression is dependent on its image and atmosphere
  • Find mechanisms that guide the customer to order
  • Make sure the  customers enjoy their experience just by being in the restaurant


  • Offer a taste that one cannot enjoy elsewhere
  • Rather than presenting food in a "beautiful" way, present it in a way that makes the customer want to eat it.
  • Create dishes that are as simple as possible but offer a high level of satisfaction to every customer

Human Resources

  • Make sure the employees are aware that your restaurant is the source for Japanese food.
  • Capture every customer's heart with actions and behaviors that scream "JAPAN"
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